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♥ N. Wears braces. Likes turquoise. Super Asian-faced. Only child, yay! Grew up with cats. In a happy relationship. More talk, less actions. Indecisive thus, undecided. Weird and awkward too.

Guilt and regrets. 

Apr 30th at 1AM / 0 notes

I need to start knowing what I want.
I need to stop being scared and selfish.

Most importantly, be myself.

(but that’s the problem, who am I?) 

The problem is… 

Apr 23rd at 3AM / 0 notes

I mean, my computer documents need to be organised, so as its bookmarks. Not to mention my stuff is scattered all around. Sigh.

I’m tired man. I need directions and a manual how to live life and make decisions. (Oklah, I know, Quran.)

I’m so messed up, eh?

Note to self: Find the thumbdrive, ask Dan about the container, buy C&K shoes FAST, decide whether to buy Hush Puppies soon or wait for sale, get mum shoes too for Mother’s Day, plan something for Dan :B

In the meantime…
I shall sleep and forget about this nauseous feeling of mine. 

One year. 

Apr 22nd at 3PM / 0 notes

I don’t know how I am going to get through this. Can I do it? I hope things will be on my side. Cause I can’t do shit when I don’t understand shit.

don’t let go, please.


Apr 9th at 8PM / 0 notes

I am happy where I am now.
Probably because of you.



Apr 2nd at 2PM / 0 notes



Mar 9th at 1AM / 0 notes

I can see them looking at me weird. I know they think I’m weird. I think so too.

But that’s one of those things that make me appreciate you. You don’t look at me like that and I don’t feel that either when I’m around you.

Mar 5th at 1AM / 0 notes

if i could rip open my heart and show you how i feel, i would. but i can’t. it pains me to hear those words. i wished i could take those feelings of your away. i wished i can let you feel what i feel when i look at you. when i look at you, i see a guy that is so so kind and loving and beyond anything i could imagine of having. you’re not the most charming, adorable, handsome guy. but i love you and the way i see you has so much more depth than that. damn it, i don’t love flawless guys, really. and i love your flaws. your bunny teeth. your pokey face. your huge nose. your elfy ears. your hairy legs. i love them. makes me happy. i don’t want you any other way.

The Perishers. 

Mar 5th at 12AM / 0 notes

We spent some time
together walking
Spent some time just talking
about who we were
You held my hand so
very tightly
And told me what we
could be dreaming of

There’s nothing like you and I

We spent some time
together drinking
Spent some time just thinking
about days of joy
As our hearts started
beating faster
I recalled your laughter
from long ago

There’s nothing like you and I

We spent some time
together crying
Spent some time just trying
to let each other go
I held your hand so
very tightly
And told you what I would be
dreaming of

There’s nothing like you and I
So why do I even try?
There’s nothing like you and I

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