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Life sucks. 

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Think about it. Everyday having to deal with :

Obligations you don’t want to do / Boss who always picks on you and you have to deal with it / Having to do someone else’s job / Friends who actually make your life miserable (and to add on, one of whom is MAD) / The extremely boring place you were born at / Idiots who won’t give up tapping their card despite endless tries / Non-stop talking mouth / Seeing your friend enjoy more benefits from her company when she does nothing while you work your ass off / Stupid long hours of work or school turning you into a zombie / Non-privacy / Having to just watch as something you dislike occur / Stupid money / Living in regrets… forever / Feeling hurt / Shitty times in a relationship / Problems with every part of your body / Sleep deprivation / (whatever more shits you can think of here)

and most importantly, yourself.

K. This is more of my life. Bla bla. I’m tired.

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Happiness is simple. It’s not a difficult thing to find. The good feeling after taking a bath, spending time with a loved one, the satisfaction after helping someone in need - one must learn to appreciate the simple joys in everyday life. Happiness shouldn’t be about having all the money in the world or possession of worldly materials. Happines is everywhere; it’s all around you and it’s up to you to find it.

- Danial Shah, my beloved boyfriend 

When I look into your eyes, man I wish I could stay. 

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I don’t need to spend time with you every day, every second. But when you’re with me, I wished we wouldn’t need to part.

And I want to tell you..

That you’re the guy that warms my heart
The one that makes me feel so comfortable to be around with 
The one who makes me forget my insecurities most of the time
The one I always want to run to and hug tight when things go bad

There are times when I look at you, I feel so blessed which then comes along with some sadness because my love would at that time feel so intense, I want to capture that feeling and your face and your giggles or just the way your bunny teeth peaks out a little, but I can’t.

I want you here with me.
I miss your hand in mine.
I miss your hugs and your wet kisses.
I miss youuuu )’: 

A direction to focus. 

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Maybe we just have to look deeper. Our interest is not just interest, nor is our personality or capability. Maybe we were made to be different in all those things for a certain purpose. Maybe those are the arrows that are there to navigate us to where we should be heading to. We can’t possibly belong nowhere.

I hope I’m right and if I ever do pursue that purpose (and I guess what can be considered my dream), I hope I keep in mind to believe I can change completely, others’ lives and mine.

Don’t want to wake you up and see you leave. I want you to sleep with me.

Hello snoring boy, I miss you already. You look so cute now even with your mouth open, hehe. Can you not go please?

Yours sincerely 

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Time always seem to fly the way you don’t want it to.

Today I went on board a ship. It was nice meeting new people, specially the Vietnamese since it’s my first time meeting people of that nationality. I’ve to say they’re nice. There was this particular moment when my inspector left me alone with them and they too left me alone because they respect me as a woman (: Not forgetting how that launch guy and one of the Vietnamese crew himself were concerned about my safety (‘: I felt so blessed and cared for at that moment… (:

But nothing compares to how blessed and loved I feel to be with you and when I’m around you. Catching you tearing silently, and then knowing that those tears were because you felt happy to have me where you want me to be - in your arms, sound asleep - really touched my heart. There were so many times that I did that and I know how it feels and why that I just really feel so damn lucky. I know your love is sincere and immense, but I never imagined you would want me the way I want you too (‘:

There’s no use of sugar-coating things. Love is hard. We will fight eventually one day, get upset and whatever else but I hope our love will never extinguish nor will it stop growing. I hope we’ll learn to look past them for what’s more important - Us. I don’t want to get used to this love or you, in the sense that the love or you is like a normal everyday thing. Maybe there will come a time when we would feel that way, but I hope it would be just some days and not a daily feeling. Cause I want to be grateful for every second that you’re with me and belong with me. I hope I’ll never stop making you happy. And I hope you’ll never get bored of looking at me, and having me. And many many more like how faithful we are to each other.

I don’t want to lose your love, let alone you. You know how much stars make me happy. My mum is my star, my grandma, cats and all… And you are one of my stars too.

When I’m sad, I’ll look at them and think of how pretty they look and outshine in the dark sky.. then it’ll remind me of how great Allah is. To witness such a beautiful creation reminds me of the Great Almighty and how He help his slaves in times of difficulty. And when I feel that, I gain strength. If not, courage to hold on. You are one of His beautiful creation that do just that (‘:

I love you.


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let me die.

Do I belong here? /: 

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You know that feeling when you wake up early to a beautiful morning? You can breathe better suddenly. You feel light and you can’t help smiling for no reason. Everything somehow feels possible, like you can conquer anything. Especially since as if you have all the time in the world, or so it feels.

Also that feeling when you go to bed with the night pouring outside? Just comfortable. Like the heart is full. And the cool air.. Never fails to make anyone wants to get all cuddly.

And all the other things that bring out those nice feelings… like you’re alive and always make you feel grateful to be. For instance, strolling in the neighbourhood, drinking hot chocolate while reading a book or even doing house chores together with the person you love and finding it fun.

I want to feel them.
Not that I don’t. But I just want them everyday. 

Guess I’m dreaming too much which got me thinking too much. But damn it, it would be lovely to have a really nice organized house with a beautiful field of flowers outside. And a lake. And a swing. With the sunset or sunrise view.

*Sigh* Big dreams Nad.

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